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All hosted wikis are required to adhere to global policies. Global policies are created to ensure the reputation and health of this wikifarm's network, without these chaos ensues. In order to prevent local incidents from exploding across the network, these global policies will be strictly enforced. There are no exemptions nor is any hosted wiki allowed to override any of these policies. Attempts to create local override policies and or enforce such overrides will result in automatic sanctions; continued behavior will lead to webmasters issuing final notice to find new hosting as file uploading & editing privileges will be revoked.

Local wiki authority who refuse to comply with wikifarm staff or official groups appointed by the wikifarm will be immediately sanctioned. If wikifarm staff must take action over your refusal, the sanctions shall remain for a period proportional to severity. This does not impact your community's right to decline a new feature being promoted by wikifarm staff or designated official groups.

Global Policies